Kevin “Chilli Most” Canty-Jones — lead vocals & rhythm guitar

All Day I Dream About Sizzler
“Sweet” Mike Apodaca — drums

Don’t let the horns fool you!

Amy “Fantastica” Johnson O’brien — lead vocals & tambo

Lend me your ears & I’ll sing you song
Anthony “Dirty Dirty Tone” Vena — bass & vocals

Funkalicious & Groovetastic!
“Not Your Average” Joe Mishkin — flute, sax & percussion

This guy’s a real blowhard!
Rob “The Engineer” Sipsky — lead guitar & vocals

He’ll steal your face right off your head!
Rich “Key Master” Landar — keys & vocals

Tickling the ivory like a boss!
“Jazzy” Zac Allen — lead guitar

Elevating jazz to the next level!