New Website

If you noticed that some things look a lot different around here lately, it’s because you are an astute & perceptive observer! And since you’re also a prescient individual, you know it’s because we are very excited about all of the work we are putting into making our upcoming 12th season our best yet! Change is afoot…

**CLIFFHANGER ALERT** Major Sizzler news coming very soon — stay tuned 😉

new CD: Love Uzi

Jenny Sizzler is proud to present its 2nd studio offering entitled Love Uzi. Thanks to the determination of our bandleader Chilli Most and some wizardry by producer Jordan Richter at Room 13 Recording Services, a fantastic album was produced — and it’s destined to thrill Sizzler Nation!

Purchase downloads and preview tracks online at CDBaby here!

Jenny Sizzler presses on

Sizzler is in its 10th season! Regular shows:

  • Mississippi Pizza 1st Fridays, no shows Feb. or Mar. due to construction;
  • Blue Room 3rd Saturdays.

We also went into the studio and recorded a bunch of tracks! Post-production will take a while. Stay tuned…

The band has been performing as a 6-piece. Jeffree has been using his MIDI guitar to create keyboard sounds — astounding audiences!

The CD has arrived!!!!

CD cover for Jenny Sizzler album Sweet Velvet Pants

The new Jenny Sizzler CD, entitled Sweet Velvet Pants, has arrived!!!

You can order it using Paypal!

Track List

  1. Michael Vick
  2. Facebook
  3. Player
  4. Accoutrement
  5. Bigfoot Investigator
  6. Hook Up the Printer (to the new Computer)
  7. Eliza Jones
  8. Women of NPR
  9. Sweet Velvet Pants
  10. Sexy Math Teacher
  11. Sizzler Lounge
  12. Dentist