Jenny Sizzler is not a person, but a 7-piece comedy-rock juggernaut, whimsically delivering original, humorous rock gems along with fun covers from the likes of Phish, disco greats, and the Grateful Dead.  Musical styles range from bluegrass rock to bubblegum pop to funky rock.

“Jenny Sizzler is about making people pee their pants a little from having so much fun!”

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Fabulous, freakin, freewheeling fun.
We got the jams we got the funk.
We offer no shams and most certainly no junk.
Every man, women and child never uttered the words; “you stunk”

We are topical and tropical and make our mama’s proud.
Sizzler time is not country, and sometimes just a little bit loud.
We will rock you and your Shaka Khan with maximum beats
105 degrees with very necessary accoutrements treats

Traveling around the world in a Subaru wagon, foam finger in the air
Take me down to the Atlantis Lounge, do not despair!
We’re gonna bump you to the front of the line, and fill you glass with gin.
Make you a lemon fritata and give you a mango milkskake grin

We had a guitar player named Sam, and left the dog with Rick
Don’t be a prick, come on down and see some of our shtick.
Hey baby do you wanna go the wrong way. I’ll take you for a ride!
Make sure someone over 18 is in the car with a valid license
Head on down to your favorite lounge. We’ll make all your wrong things right…