CD “Love Uzi”

Jenny Sizzler is proud to present its 2nd studio offering entitled Love Uzi. Thanks to the determination of our bandleader Chilli Most and some wizardry by producer Jordan Richter at Room 13 Recording Services, a fantastic album was produced — and it’s destined to thrill Sizzler Nation!

Purchase downloads and preview tracks online at CDBaby here!

CD “Sweet Velvet Pants”

Sweet Velvet Pants cover

Here’s a montage of snippetsĀ of the Sweet Velvet Pants CD!

You can buy the CD (or downloads) through:

  • CDBaby
  • iTunes
  • direct from us via mail + Paypal; instructions here
  • or at a show!

Live recordings on


We now have recordings of live shows published in the Live Music Archive at! You can stream using the player, or download the show: once in the show page, look for the “VBR MP3” link.

Here is the show at the Blue Room on 2-20-2016: